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Dobereiner's books are transcripts of his astrology classes that began in the latter part of 1977 in Munich Germany and were later translated into English in the early '80s. One cannot help but be struck by his very orderly presentation of this groundbreaking astrological technique.

Another very useful thing about his system is the way you can find significant "release" periods. Release periods can be explained as the time in a person's life when a significant planetary configuration will kick in resulting in an event.

Finding out when a planet will go into release can be found using simple math calculations. I find myself smiling as I read this last sentence because way back when I never thought I would ever get to the point in my astrological career where I would be able to use the word math and simple in the same sentence but the Munich Rhythm Theory calculations were easy. Eureka!

No more Solar Returns, Lunar Returns, progressions or ninety or 360 degree dials for me, not to mention truckloads of asteroids coined "orbiting gravel" by my brilliant astrologer friend, Brita Okin, whom I might add, introduced me to Dobereiner through his book on homeopathic remedies...but I digress...

In order to follow the experiential stages of development of an individual, as well as the point in time an event were scheduled to occur in his/her life, we must first start with the ascendant because in this system the ascendant is the beginning.

It is important to understand that each house of the zodiac in this system contains seven years.
In this system we go around the zodiac in a clockwise direction to determine the age period in a person's life. Starting with the ascendant and up to the cusp of the twelfth house will represent the ages of birth through to seven years of age. Next, starting from the cusp of the twelfth house through to the cusp of the eleventh house will contain the years seven to fourteen years of age. Next starting from the cusp of the eleventh house through to the cusp of the tenth house will contain the years fourteen to twenty one years of of age.

Here are the age periods in the order of their appearance around the zodiac:

Cusp of House One to Cusp of House Twelve = Birth - 7 yrs

Cusp of House Twelve to Cusp of House Eleven = 7 yrs - 14 yrs

Cusp of House Eleven to Cusp of House Ten = 14 yrs - 21 yrs

Cusp of House Ten to Cusp of House Nine = 21 yrs - 28 yrs

Cusp of house Nine to Cusp of House Eight = 28 yrs - 35 yrs

Cusp of House Eight to Cusp of House Seven = 35 yrs - 42 yrs

Cusp of House Seven to Cusp of House Six = 42 yrs - 49 yrs

Cusp of House Six to Cusp of House Five = 49 yrs - 56 yrs

Cusp of House Five to Cusp of House Four = 56 yrs - 63 yrs

Cusp of House Four to Cusp of House Three = 63 yrs - 70 yrs

Cusp of House Three to Cusp of House Two = 70 yrs - 77 yrs

Cusp of House Two to Cusp of House One = 77 yrs - 84 yrs

Each period will have a planet that rules that specific period of the person's life and the placement of that planet and the aspects it makes will be experienced by the person as an event as described by the planetary configuration.

The planet that rules the sign on the cusp of the house for the given age period will rule that particular period in the person's life.

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Mark Shulgasser said...

So does the ruler of the 12th house rule the first 7 years of life? or the ruler of the 1st house?

Mark Shulgasser said...

So does the ruler of the 12th house rule the first 7 years of life? or the ruler of the 1st house?


The ruler of the first house will rule the first seven years.

Anonymous said...

HI Again,
Can you tell where to get his books in english?

Thanks SO much you are a very good teacher!