Monday, November 30, 2009


I was born on a day when the planet Mercury was retrograde.

Retrograde is a term that is used to explain the apparent backward motion of a planet. When Mercury goes retrograde it means that it will be the time most likely for problems to occur with regard to communications, travel plans, and written agreements. Misunderstandings are common, travel delays are common and agreements signed during a Mercury retrograde usually will not turn out as expected.

Decisions made under a Mercury retrograde period are sure to come back to bite the deciders because a vital piece of information is missing, because of technical problems, or just plain old human error. People born with a Mercury retrograde just take it for granted that this is the way life is and adapt accordingly.

Today Mercury in Sagittarius was mere minutes away from the position it held on the day that I was born. The only difference was that it was not retrograde and it was squaring Uranus instead of opposing it like it was on the day of my birth.

So what would the possible effects of a planetary picture like this? Mercury is a curious planet and Uranus has ruler ship over all things technical and is also notorious for sudden flashes of brilliance. My retrograde Mercury has been a constant handicap for me. I can never leave the house without forgetting something and during conversations I am always a piece of information behind. Learning was always a challenge during my early years. At the same time Uranus tends to make me impatient around people I perceive as boring and tedious... always making me feel a tad smarter. Certainly not a particularly pretty combo, however these quirky planetary energies provided me with valuable information regarding this blog.

I am a newbie at blogging. I started this blog seven months ago. Any blogger knows that there are certain settings that have to be put in place in order for the blog to operate properly. My Mercury/Uranus obviously made me feel up to the task and you are reading the results of my efforts. The Ten Minute Astrologer contains humour, astrological insights, fun games and hopefully some useful information.

Today my Mercury return made me curious about the results of my labor. Somehow all this work wasn't bringing in as many visitors as I had hoped. I was beginning to feel like I built a house to party in but the location I chose was the Gobi Desert. So I did what any intelligent blogger would do. I investigated and back tracked to check out my feeds. Such a typical Mercury retrograde thing to do. And what do you know? Yep! Sure enough I made a major typo at a place where typos will stop your blog dead in it's tracks. A typical Mercury retrograde "fous pas."

Uranus and Mercury could be interpreted literally as the ingenious idea.... and the idea to check my feeds certainly came in a flash, I mean after all they were non-operational for seven months.

You skeptics can roll your eyes all you want, but I know that cranky, brilliant, anti- everything Uranus and tricky, curious, Mercury sent a message to my over active right brain and made me take a look at my feeds.


msfullroller said...

Hi! I have Mercury retrograde opposition Uranus as well but in the Pisces/Virgo so I totally understand what you mean.

How do you check your feed other than having the "friend connect"?


Well, we are never bored that's for sure. Re: Feeds I'm certainly no expert but if your feeds are working properly you will see the orange icon on your browser. When you click on it you should be able to see all your blogs lined up.

Chris Brennan said...

That sucks, but it is good that you caught it now, rather than, say, two years down the line. I've had a number of technological Mercury retro realizations like that myself, so I can relate.