Friday, November 27, 2009


Any time Saturn and Pluto make a hard transit to one another sure as shootin' the economy will stall big time. Saturn always demands that all policies and procedures be followed to the letter to insure the success of a project. Pluto demands that it's his way or the highway and will even resort to the use of force and coercion as long as "his will be done." Pluto will stop at nothing to get his way. So we can only expect trouble when these two superheros go at it head to head.

The energies of Saturn and Pluto will cause cash flow problems. Pluto's job is to get rid of anything that is no longer working whether it be a car, a spouse, a pair of shoes, or even the way you make a living. Saturn says "do things according to the rules". Pluto says "the hell with the rules, they ain't working anyway, so let's make some new ones."

Needless to say this difficult battle will take some time to work itself. It takes a short time to tear down structures but always a much longer time to rebuild them. We've been told that Rome wasn't built in a day now I know why.

We have just received a preview of Saturn/Pluto problems in the form of Dubai's 59 billion dollars of debt. I mean really was I the only one who thought islands in the shape of palm trees was a ridiculous idea?

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