Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Mundane astrology is the study of the astrological cycles on nations. By Friday the planet Saturn will make a conjunction to the nation's Midheaven. Whenever a planet, especially a planet like Saturn makes direct hit to a country's tenth house or Midheaven everyone will recognize the successes as well as the limitations of the country involved.

During this two and a half year period while the USA has Saturn transiting this very prominent position the president will have nowhere to hide as this period of testing begins.

Saturn's appearance will signal the beginning of what looks like a trying time for this country and it's reputation. Saturn rules structures, elderly people as well as land owners. Saturn will be making a square to Pluto which rules all underground activities literally and figuratively. Pluto also rules oil, precious metals and all matters that are carried on in the dark hidden from view.

When the energies of these two planets are combined there is always a great struggle with cash flow. Pluto rules tremendous wealth and power and Saturn rules regulation and limitations. This aspect does not bode well for a healthy economy as the dark Plutonian forces continue to influence economic change through underhanded methods in contrast to Saturn who needs to play by the rules.

I hope I'm wrong but a Saturn/Pluto square like this one has the power to stall the economic recovery big time.

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