Friday, October 30, 2009


My blogs haven't been on a predictable schedule lately due to some unpredictable demands of late. With that said and given the small amount of free time that I have right now...I thought I would do a multiple choice blog today (I mean um...this evening). These multiple choice questions are related to the positions of the planets as of 7:49PM EST.

If you are right you will know it. If you are wrong you will also know it.

The reason tonight will fly by faster than a speeding bullet is because the Moon is now in the sign of:
a) Taurus
b) Gemini
c) Aries

Mercury's recent entrance into this sign will be the reason nobody really getting the whole story:

a) Aries
b) Scorpio
c) Libra

Mars in this theatrical sign would make now a great time for a broadway opening.
a) Leo
b) Virgo
c) Capricorn

Hold tight to your E-harmony membership while Venus is in this sign:
a) Pisces
b) Virgo
c) Libra

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