Tuesday, October 27, 2009

From Aquarius to Pisces

The USA has been experiencing a lunar return Moon in Aquarius. The USA's horoscope has the Moon situated in the third house of communications. We can expect the news media to be busy as bees digging for the hot story of the moment. There will be sibling stories, stories about the humanitarian efforts of local neighborhoods as well as news about womens issues and stories that will demand to be heard because of their social significance.

These stories will be told in a matter of fact fashion. And by tomorrow the news will do a complete one eighty when every story delivered by the media will demand a box of kleenex because of the Moon's entrance into Pisces. CNN will be interesting to watch...granted there will surely be news of great suffering but crammed in between the lines will be a lot of whining and BS.

Tune in tomorrow!

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