Monday, October 26, 2009

Sun in Scorpio - Moon in Aquarius

When the Sun entered Libra it signaled the Autumn Equinox...a time when leaves were bursting with all the rich colors that are the total opposite of last spring's pastel color pallet. When the Sun enters Scorpio the process of endings in natures growing cycle becomes more and more obvious to the observer. Halloween sends the message home even further with images of skeletons and ghosts populating suburban lawns.

The Moon is in a square aspect to the Sun in Scorpio. Always a frustrating combination. Both of these signs like to have their own way being of the fixed quality. Scorpio feels the need to force it's idea onto others simply because it has to whereas Aquarius needs to change the status quo out of a need to avoid boredom.

The Scorpio Sun is almost a contradictory sign. On the one hand he becomes fixated on his objective and will do anything to hold onto what is valuable to him almost to the point of holding the object of his affection hostage, but on the otherhand he is ruled by Pluto the ruler of Hades where all things dead abide. All Scorpios unconsciously know nothing lasts forever.

When you combine these two contraditory energies we can expect a rather uncomfortable but interesting day. Change will take place but not without a price. Expect business dealings to be a little like going to the dentist to have a tooth pulled .....knowing that it will feel a lot better in the end.

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