Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mars the Great Motivator

If a client comes to me for a reading and is complaining about lack of motivation and excitement in his/her life I will immediately look at the planet mars to determine the cause. Mars is like the engine in an automobile. If the car's performance is less than satisfactory the mechanic is compelled to check under the hood. My blue collar analogy is exactly what an astrologer is doing for a client when analyzing the condition of a person's Mars.

What sign your Mars is in indicates it's mode of expression. Your approach to life and how you initiate an activity will be reflective of the sign that it is in. If you were born with a Mars in Aries you will act with directness. If your Mars is in Taurus you will act in a sure and deliberate manner and a Gemini Mars is motivated by curiosity. Mars in Cancer will act to protect and nurture. Mars in Leo with his flair for drama will do things to get attention and Mars in Virgo lives to serve but will become resentful unless appreciated. Mars in Libra acts to keep the peace and Scorpio acts out of the need to get to the bottom of things. The ninth sign of the zodiac which is Sagittarius desires to be free and independent. Capricorn acts as the authority in contrast to uber friendly Aquarians. And sensitive and tolerant Pisces will act compassionately.

If you have a Mars in Aquarius and you find yourself avoiding people for an extended period of time it is possible that your are experiencing a long term transit that may be interfering with your life or if you have a Mars in passive Pisces and you are acting in an aggressive or belligerent manner it is a sure sign of a difficult transit. The same will apply for all the other possible Mars placements.

Depending on the nature of the transiting planet to the natal planet in an individuals chart the result will be experienced as an event or condition. These are just a few examples of challenging Mars transits.

Transiting Mars conjunct natal Mars
This is a start up aspect indicating the beginning of something new.

Transiting Mars in hard aspect to natal Neptune
Loss of energy and lack of enthusiasm. Feeling lethargic. Indulging in romantic fantasies.

Transiting Uranus in hard aspect to natal Mars
Inability to tolerate the status quo. Severe restlessness.

Transiting Saturn in hard aspect to natal Mars Problem with authority figures. Anger because of constant frustrated efforts.

Difficult transits come and go. The purpose of living out these transits is in order to gain wisdom. It's not always fun but it is my hope that my sharing this information might point the way to possible solutions for anyone experiencing trying aspects.

There are any number of possible aspects that may be effecting your life and it is impossible for me to list them all here. A horoscope reading is the only way to determine which ones are yours. I welcome anyone in need of answers to go to my website for more information.

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