Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fun Astrology Quiz

If you are right you will be taken to the Osaka Philharmonic Orchastra playing Jupiter from The Planets by Holst if you are wrong you will see and hear a rejection buzzer.

Whatever work you thought you accomplished on that project you were working on between the hours of 6:09pm on Tuesday until 12:49am today was either rejected by your boss, lost on the subway or became just a "spinning your wheels" slice of life.
(a) Total Solar Eclipse
(b) Void of Course Moon
(c) Mercury Retrograde

You are the kind of person that will always opt for classic rather than trendy.
(a) Gemini
(b) Capricorn
(c) Aquarius

If you have been noticing that everyone around you has been focused on every teeny weeny detail lately it may be because Mercury is in this sign until the 26th.
(a) Aries
(b) Sagittarius
(c) Virgo

If you felt frustratrated about the obstacle course you were running yesterday it's because of this aspect in the sky:
(a) Mars square Saturn
(b) Jupiter conjunct Neptune
(c) Mars square Uranus

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