Monday, August 10, 2009

Do's and Don'ts Forecast for Monday

DO - Enjoy this energizing Monday even if it is behind the scenes.
DON'T - Forget to slow down and pay attention to the details.

DO - Trust that sweet talking has the potential to deliver the goods.
DON'T - Be too hard on yourself...a risk is always a gamble.

DO - Express your concerns about the details that others don't see.
DON'T - Allow resentments to get the better of you or your temper will flare.

DO - Give travel plans some consideration.
DON'T - Think it's going to be easy to hide your feelings about a distant romance.

DO - Expect the financial squeeze to last a little longer.
DON'T - Allow competitiveness to spoil what is best for the group.

DO - Compromise in order for the relationship to work out.
DON'T - Seek unnecessary attention just to prove you saw it coming.

DO - Try something new to keep from being bored.
DON'T - Think domestic when more exotic locals are on your mind.

DO - Keep controlling the purse strings...somebody has to.
DON'T - Obsess over an unpredictable love affair.

DO - Investigate places in your own backyard to expand your horizons.
DON'T - Expect that your desire to split is going to resolve itself real soon.

DO - Try to keep an open mind.
DON'T - Forget that spending like a drunken sailor can have it's repercussions.

DO - Keep your e-harmony membership active.
DON'T - Allow yourself to ignore background checks.

DO - You think it might be time to move?
DON'T - Go smaller.
DO - Go Bigger.

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