Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I apologize for my busy schedule and being late for birthday wishes if you were born on the 23rd and the 24th so I offer you all Happy Belated Birthday! For the rest of you, I invite you to click on my birthday cake on your special day.

Virgo has always been one of my favorite signs. This sixth sign of the zodiac which is the ruler of the sixth house of work is wired to serve. Whether you are you looking for a handy man, carpenter, shoemaker or tailor nobody can do the job better than a Virgo. Each sign has a specialty and for Virgo it is all about details. The expression "God is in the details" can be ascribed to this perfectionist sign. Virgos always come in first when it comes to quality craftsmanship, with Capricorns coming in a close second. The best advice I can give to people looking for a "job well done" is to find a Virgo to do it.

Their undeserved reputation for being critical comes from the other eleven signs of the zodiac who can't measure up when it comes to having an old fashioned work ethic. Virgo's are the quintessential perfectionists which may very well be the reason they often suffer from stomach complaints stemming from worrying about all the little things.

Their uncanny ability to notice others quirks and foibles gives them a sense of humor par excel lance. Virgo's are the work horses of the zodiac and they live to serve. It is unfortunate for them that their accommodating nature is often received with an attitude of entitlement by those being served. Although not obvious... all Virgo's have an inner rage that can only be appeased by appreciation. So if you want a harmonious relationship with a Virgo simply let them know they are appreciated for all the work they do and peace will reign supreme.

Virgos born after the twentieth and experiencing job related challenges will have to continue to practice patience for a little while longer.

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