Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Saturn equals discipline, structure, and restraint. Uranus equals rebellion, independence, and change. These two contrary planets have been in opposite signs since September '07 but the intensity of the aspect became stronger and more apparent as the square got really tight in October of 2008.

If you have strong mutable configurations in your natal horoscope you are now able to identify with being torn between two urges: staying or going. If you are in a stifling relationship Saturn/Uranus aspects only intensify the discomfort. If you are in a job that feels equally as uncomfortable its quite possible these two planets are energizing the work or career sector of your horoscope making you want to take off on the next plane to anyplace rather than where you are now. The list of possibilities are endless and much too long to go into here in this post.

The trouble is that the contradictory natures of these two planets will keep you stuck until someone or something does the unsticking. So until these two planets move away from each other and a coating of Teflon is delivered by a planetary release my only suggestion is to be patient, meditate and arm yourself with piles of self help books to guide you out of your frustration.

If it makes you feel any better you are not alone. I'm as mutable as they come and was born under the sign of Sagittarius when Gemini was rising and Mercury was in the later degrees of Sagittarius.

For your consideration I'll try to keep my moaning to a minimum.

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msfullroller said...

Just finding this post makes me feel much better. Aries Sun, Virgo Rising w/a Uranus & Saturn opposition in the 1st & 7th houses respectively. This Saturn in Virgo transit has been like adding jet fuel to an already burning forest fire.


Very difficult for all of us with strong mutables. I lost a job, found a skin cancer, got pneumonia and simply can't wait until Saturn is finished with me! Aries sun! Are you getting walloped by Pluto? Me too!

msfullroller said...

Right now Pluto is within 9 degrees of squaring my 11 degree Aries Sun so yeah probably so. It's still in my 4th house even though it's changed signs. Pluto has been tearing up my 4th house and walloping me upside my head since 1996. Also Saturn is now within 8 degrees opposition to my Aries Sun.

Some of the same experiences here, DH lost his job last year, deaths on both sides of the family, not so good discoveries regarding family, etc. Hence my statement above about the jet fuel. I'm ready for the thermostat to be turned down a bit as I've already got a beautiful brown tan going on already! lol Gotta to laugh to keep from crying though I've been doing both lately.

Hopefully this means things be better in the future or at least we'll be a hellva lot stronger than we were going in.


What Pluto wants. Pluto gets.
I can promise you when he leaves you will be free of all things you have outgrown.
Lots of luck and thanks for your comments!