Monday, August 24, 2009


If your answer if right you will know it. If you are wrong you will see and hear the rejection buzzer.

Recognized as HBO's favorite political satirist and famous for his "New Rules" it's no surprise that Bill Mahr was born under the sign known for having high standards. His ruling planet has also given him him his excellent sense of timing so necessary for a successful comedian.
(a) Capricorn
(b) Gemini
(c) Taurus

It's very apparent that Aston Kutcher marches to a different drummer from his fondness for punking his celebrity friends to preferring mature women over those Hollywood twenty somethings. It's more than likely that he was born under this sign:
(a) Aries
(b) Scorpio
(c) Aquarius

Underneath Susan Boyle's unassuming appearance lives a competitive spirit who knew she had what it takes to win. This sign won't move a muscle if it doesn't believe it can make it to the finish line.
(a) Pisces
(b) Aries
(c) Libra

Isaac Mizrahi was born under a sign that appreciates beauty. Fashion design is also a business that requires diplomacy and social skills. His ability to charm and flatter undoubtedly has helped him acquire numerous red carpet clients.
(a) Taurus
(b) Libra
(c) Virgo

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