Thursday, August 20, 2009

Guess Octomom's Real Birthday

Apparently fertility obsessed Nadya Suleman has figured out a way to get her kids a college fund. We can only hope for the kids sake that the show will be a hit.

I googled Nadya for her birth information and unfortunately Wikipedia provides two dates...always astrologer's nightmare. We like real dates with real times. I decided to approach this case as if it were a weekly quiz on one of my blogs.

One of the dates given is for July 11, 1975 and the other for October 12th, 1975. Hum mm which one looks like Octomom? The obvious one of course would be the July date because Cancer's are supposed to be the natural mom's of the zodiac. The next thing I was hoping to find was an obsessive aspect for obvious reasons. Since I did not have a time of birth, the July 11th chart didn't really bowl me over.

The one thing going for it was a Sun conjunct Saturn which would confer the ability to discipline a brood of this size, but the square to Jupiter would increase the ability some of the times and relax it on others. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not criticizing, I mean after all only a superhumom or a military officer could discipline all 14 equally 24/7 .

Now, moving onto the October 12th chart. We have a nice obsessive Mercury/Pluto conjuction and an over accommodating Libra Sun opposed by the overindulgent Jupiter. I'm liking this birthday a lot better. Now throw in a kid loving Moon in Leo and this just could be the winning chart. I'm not about to hand the October date the winning trophy yet but I'm leaning in that direction.

But on the other hand you can never underestimate a Cancer. After all every sign has it's specialty and for Cancer's it's motherhood. Stay tuned as I keep investigating.

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