Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crazy Like a Fox - Madoff's Uranus

Back in July I wrote a post titled the "Original or Bizarre." In it I listed famous people born with strong Uranus aspects in their horoscopes. They ranged from the legendary Coco Chanel to the notorious Saddam Hussein. Although not all of them could be categorized as sociopaths apparently a couple of them had the potential like Saddam did.

It was Sheryl Weinstein's soon to be released tell all book about her affair with the king of all Ponzi schemes that made me smell a Uranian rat. I just had to google Bernie Madoff to check out his birth data and sure enough, Uncle Bernie was born with a big fat money grubbing stellium in Taurus. His Taurus Sun was applying to a conjunction to crazy, anti-social Uranus. His Mercury in Aries in Square to Pluto in Cancer was able to plot and and manipulate his way into other people's pockets.

Besides gifting it's natives with an ability to convince and influence the minds of others Mercury square Pluto aspects are notorious paranoia makers. Now I know where his nervous tick comes from.

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