Thursday, July 23, 2009


I just received a call this afternoon from my son. He told me that he was hit by a New York City cab last night. Fortunately I heard the news after the fact and learned that although pretty banged up and in need of a crutch to walk he is alive and well.

My son is a manager of a New York City restaurant and travels to and from work on his motorcycle; a contraption designed solely to give mothers nightmares.

It's an easy and convenient commute from his home in Brooklyn to the upper east side, especially for an Aries...but not for me. I am always pushing uninvited images of crumpled metal and broken bones from creeping into my consciousness in order to enjoy my day. After all I know if I push hard enough and replace these thoughts with loving images I can stop them from manifesting. Isn't that what metaphysical people like myself tell themselves? Like attracts like...etc etc.

Yes I would have to agree, like most certainly attracts I wonder what that crazy cab driver was thinking as he plowed into my son's bike and sped away. Maybe... just maybe... it was one of my thoughts that fell into one of his empty brain cells and made him turn around to come back to the scene of the accident.

And maybe just maybe if he didn't make the choice to turn around to see what damage or heartbreak his thoughtlessness might have caused he would have begun the long journey to the dark side. And maybe just maybe he simply turned around only because he was afraid that someone had taken down his license plate number. It's lucky for my son that someone did.

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