Friday, July 24, 2009


I've just put my astrologers hat on to help me channel a daily horoscope for all my devoted star gazers.

ARIES - With Uranus in your solar first house people will have a hard time getting close to you now. You are a combination of bored, restless and distant. Friends and loved ones may feel a chill in the air around you today. You just need your space with no demands.

TAURUS - You're throwing caution to the wind today and ready to indulge. It will be hard to resist temptations to's a good bet that you'll finally purchase that new i-pod or designer bag today.

GEMINI - Your short temper is due to real estate and home concerns. Maybe all the house needs is a good old fashioned makeover. If you're feeling love deprived it could be that your not acting very love able.

CANCER - Sibling issues weigh heavy on your mind. Don't expect communications to be easy. Potential temper tantrums could flare up over shared resources.

LEO - It's becoming harder and harder for you to forget about the economy and unemployment statistics. Dinner dates and socializing can bring you out of your money funk.

VIRGO - The writing is probably on the proverbial wall if you are still holding every body's ear hostage about your significant others faults and imperfections.

LIBRA - Make sure any vacation trips or publishing matters are gone over with a fine toothed comb. It's always a good idea to be prepared for sneak attacks.

SCORPIO - Remember to keep a stiff upper lip and that nothing lasts forever. And on the home-front keep an eye out for a plumbing problem ready to surface.

SAGITTARIUS - Partnerships are never easy. Try not to harp and nag and remember tomorrow is another day.

CAPRICORN - Just make sure you hammer out the legal details. You wouldn't want something like not getting paid to come up and bite you.

AQUARIUS - Just think of the wonderful time you would have in this relationship if you would just stop worrying that it might not work out.

PISCES - Don't take it personally if your partner is down in the dumps. The truth is that without you the dumps would be a lot worse.

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