Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This year can prove to be quite significant for all of you born of this regal sign because of this month's total solar eclipse as well as the upcoming lunar eclipse on August 6th. This link should help to clear up the details for you noble lions.

In the meantime I believe the true purpose of astrology is to help us understand and appreciate ourselves for the unique individuals that we are. Each sign has a different task to perform and Leo's need a spotlight! By giving a Leo the spotlight he or she will return the favor by giving the other eleven signs what they need to fulfil their own Karmic Destiny

Each and every Leo needs to live life to the fullest and have fun doing it. Yours is a very creative sign and each and every one of you feels as though you are playing the lead role in a Broadway production. Whatever role you are playing in this lifetime, be it a waitress, carpet cleaner, doctor or lawyer, in true Leo fashion you will perform it with class and panache.

All of you are a very proud and noble lot and wouldn't be caught dead treating others of a lower station in life without due respect. Rules are the ABC's of life for a Leo. Since you are ruler of the kingdom, the rules have been created and stamped with your personal royal seal. All who live and obey the rules in your Leo kingdom will reap the benefits and bask in the glory...those who disobey your rules can expect to be banished from the kingdom or even with their heads.

It is my hope that every friend of a Leo who reads this will feel honored by the title. It is also my hope that you plan to throw Ms. or Mr. Leo the biggest surprise birthday party ever!

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