Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Every planet in the heavens has a message to share with us mortals as they make their journey around our horoscopes. Actually, the thing that helps an astrologer to be able to predict what a person will do under a planetary transit is the fact that we are creatures of habit.

We can understand the habits of everyone we come into contact with simply by knowing the sign they were born under. Every one of the twelve signs is seeking to fulfill their purpose and that purpose is indicated by their sun sign. Metaphysically speaking the world would be a better place if we knew every one's zodiac sign.

What appear to be habits by some are simply people just being themselves and doing what comes naturally.

For instance a competitive Aries is simply striving to do something totally unique that no one else is doing in order to eliminate the competition. He or she will then become number one in his or her field. A Taurus is simply striving for safety and security when he or she won't lend you the car. A Google addicted Gemini is simply curious about everything in his or her environment and needs to find answers to a plethora of questions. The tenacious Cancer with a reputation for hoarding is simply preparing for possible disasters and so on... through the zodiac.

What would an astrologer be able to predict when the planet Uranus that rules unexpected change comes along and visits your horoscope?

It will depend of a number of factors, the most important being the Sun sign because the Sun sign represents how a person views his or her world. So it would behoove everyone to read up on the descriptions of the twelve sun sign personalities.

Next it will depend on whether your sign is of cardinal mode, fixed mode or mutable mode. Cardinal signs are action oriented signs. The cardinal signs are turned on by "start-up" and "indie" businesses. Signs that come under the fixed mode prefer a routine where predictability is the norm and signs that come under the mutable mode accept change easier than the rest.

If the planet Uranus is traveling through a cardinal sign and your sun sign is in either Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn you would tend to initiate whatever changes are necessary quicker than most.

Now if Uranus is traveling through a fixed sign and your sun sign is either in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, but excluding the ever-contrary Aquarius, the sign that thrives on change, you will be more apt to resist change. You would benefit from a sympathetic and gentle counselor who will help facilitate the necessary changes that will be coming into your life.

If Uranus is traveling through a mutable sign and your sun sign is either in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces you have the flexibility to handle changes better than them all.

If you are a mutable sign and you were born late in your birthday month you have been trying things you have never have done before in order to quell the restlessness and boredom you have been feeling inside. It is difficult to be patient under this kind of transit. The best way to handle it is to experiment and try different things. If you are a couch potato take some Yoga or Pilate classes. If you can't cook...learn how.

Uranus transits are both exciting and upsetting but Uranus gives you the courage to do things you would not otherwise do. Make those changes now because when Uranus leaves you will go back to your old boring self.

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