Thursday, June 18, 2009


Are you all feeling the need for hugs and kisses lately? The Moon is heading for a snuggle with Venus and Mars and she will be looking pretty hot.

If I didn't know better I'd think that Valentine's day is tomorrow.

Early Friday morning the tight conjunction of Moon, Venus and Mars in Taurus will prompt cupid to shoot his arrow dipped in love out into the universe. I must add as a word of caution though. All of these planets in Taurus also make for a very refined pallet and a very hardy appetite. A sensual pile up of planets such as these also has the potential to inspire spa addicts to book a weekend appointment.

As the great physician, alchemist and scholar Paracelsus said "the stars incline; they do not compel. This famous quote would suggest that we have a choice in the matter and that this romantic trio has the potential to either soften our jaded hearts, indulge our senses, or simply make us want more cake. Which will it be?



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Debra Clement said...

I'd like to order all three please!