Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yesterday I was using my usual irreverent humor to describe some possible Moon in Pisces manifestations. To those of you well versed in astrology you know that Pisces is the most compassionate and kindest sign of the zodiac. There is a flip side to every sign and depending on my mood I will resort to the line of least resistance for a chuckle or two. Yesterday was such a day.

It did cross my mind that the transiting Moon was on it's way to conjunct Uranus but I chose to overlook the coming conjunction preferring a comedic approach to my post rather than look at a possible shocking forecast. I also chose to ignore it because the conjunction would take quite a few hours before becoming exact. I was wrong. I am guilty of not having checked the midpoints for the event which would provide an even more obvious planetary picture.

The planet Uranus is the antithesis of what is conservative and conventional. Uranus seeks to shake things up in order to change the status quo. The Moon rules the people. The demonstration by the people of Iran on Monday was a perfect example of what a Moon conjunct Uranus can evoke. The Moon in Pisces represents a public who feels victimized and is suffering. The sign of Pisces is anything but a violent sign. It is the sign most representative of a personality like Jesus Christ or a Ghandi.

The people of Iran came out en mass to demonstrate their feelings about what they considered unfair. They did not carry weapons. They were not violent. They simply displayed their opposing views about election results. Innocent people suffered as a result.
My ridiculous list of possible manifestations weren't far from the truth.

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