Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Last month on May 1st the Moon entered the sign of Leo and continued traveling through the rest of the signs of the zodiac. Today the moon returned once again into the sign of Leo. When the moon goes full circle like this we call this a Lunar Return.

Based on the observation that history repeats itself and just for the fun of it I decided to Google May 1, 2009. The headline on the front page of Religion & Ethics News Weekly (never heard of this publication before today) came up and was titled The Moral Debate about Torture. I then Googled today's date June 24, 2009 and an article titled Obama's Task Force on Torture considers CIA-FBI Interrogation Teams.

Obviously my little experiment was more like divination than an official astrology research project and would never hold water with the likes of James Randi, the NCGR or myself either. I also have no idea what other headlines were in the NY Times, NY Post or the Washington Post for the days in question for that matter. It is just that in my desire to find a topic for my astrology blog I succeeded instead, of just getting myself all riled up.

My Sagittarian moral and ethics barometer went full tilt. How do you measure torture anyway? This absurd measuring presupposes that there are actually degrees and levels of torture. To make matters worse it seems to me that depending on who is being tortured the degrees have to be different for everybody. How is it possible to find a happy medium for acceptable torture in this case? And to make matters worse somebody is actually taking notes!

For me torture is my monthly hair color appointment and waiting for the insidious mixture to do it's job of transforming greying hair to a more youthful almond sunset. Just one nano second over the required leave-in time would drive me to sign over my mortgage just to get out of that chair. Then again there is the torture of waiting for LSAT results; how far would a legal hopeful pay to forgo that process? And then there is back waxing. Perhaps the price of a back free of unsightly hair might just be a dose of illegal drugs for some guys...the list is endless.

And for others like those held for years in cubicles in Guantanomo or millions like them in prisons all over the world how much is too much? My spill-the-beans meter wouldn't even have to be turned on; I would be theirs right after they put me in the orange jumpsuit.

It is my belief that we are all spiritually connected to the Divine. When I hear this ongoing debate about what is torture and what is not my jaw drops. Am I crazy or is it everybody else who is?

If I sound highly indignant I am...after all...the moon IS in Leo.

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Debra Clement said...

That's why we need Sag's in the world - to state obvious truths in ways that make us pay attention.