Thursday, June 25, 2009


I will have to take leave of my blog on Friday for business and will be back again on Monday. I am leaving you all with this little quiz to keep you company while I'm gone.

If your answer is incorrect it will be confirmed by a ridiculous astrology lounge singer. If you are correct you will know it.

Today the Leo Moon made a sextile to Mercury. This aspect can help to facilitate the following activities:
(a) Enjoyable creative conversation.
(b) Construction projects and fashion designing.
(c) Closet cleaning.

A possible effect of the the Moon approaching a square to Venus and Mars:
(a) You finally take the initiative to ask a current love interest for a date.
(b) Wake up and find that your car has four flat tires and a radio missing.
(c) Find yourself succumbing to all those Jennie Craig commercials.

The Moon is approaching an opposition to Jupiter and Neptune makes you feel like:
(a) Booking a flight to Argentina to see your mistress.
(b) Being overly responsible and prepare early for 2010 tax returns
(c) Looking at all the facts square in the face.

Have a great weekend!

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