Thursday, June 4, 2009


The Moon is in Scorpio today and even if you don't sufferer from OCD you will experience what it is like for at least the next day or so.

Here some possible manifestations:

  • You can't concentrate on what your boss has to say because he appears to be growing one rogue eyebrow hair longer than the wall of China.
  • You find yourself counting each and every number of breaths your fiance makes.
  • You find yourself counting each and every number of breaths you make.
  • Its 5AM and you've just finished putting every can in your kitchen pantry in alphabetical order.
  • You never realized until today how many germs live on an elevator button.
If you were born with the Moon is Scorpio you guys get it. For those of you who were not, after today you will have learned to have some compassion for this much maligned sign.

The Moon will be making a square to Jupiter and Neptune so the intensity will be increased. For those of you with a sweet tooth or any other type of habit don't waste your time dieting or going to rehab until it leaves around Midnight at 4:23AM Saturday.

Appetites will soar as restaurants experience a spike in business caused by the insatiable Scorpio Moon hovering overhead. This Lunar placement will be making everybody feeling pretty sexy especially with indulgent Jupiter and escapist Neptune hanging around. Add sweet talking Mercury to the mix for a rising decibel level and let the party begin!

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spw718 said...

Restaurant business will improve? That's good for me :)