Wednesday, June 3, 2009


At 2:00 PM EST today the Moon goes Void of Course. That means that the Moon will be making no aspects to other planets in the sky until 6:44PM tonight.

Generally during this period we begin to feel as though nothing is happening and the whole world has taken a Siesta.

Since the Moon is the fastest moving body in the sky astrologers use it for timing of events. The Moon stays in a sign for a little over two days before it moves into the next sign. It takes approximately 28 days to move through all the signs of the Zodiac. The Moon is kind of like the minute hand on the face of a clock. As it travels through the Zodiac it will meet up with other planets during the course of its journey and those meetings are interpreted by astrologers as events analogous to them.

So what can we expect during a "Void" period? Well, if you are waiting for a phone call about the results of that big job interview chances are it won't happen when the Moon is Void of Course. And forget your baby's due date because Junior will be busy sleeping his way past the anticipated event until he is good and ready.

Consider Void of Course periods a time to relax and assess the situation at hand. Don't expect resolutions now. Just take some time off and and chalk it off to a mental health day. Instead of banging your head against a wall waiting for things to happen just pack up the car and go off to the beach instead of hanging around the office. I know this is almost impossible for all you type "A" personalities so do yourselves a favor and take the time out to research, plan and strategize rather than expect final solutions.

When the Moon if void of course its like watching the picture on your TV screen hanging there until cable central fixes it. As soon as the Moon begins to make contact with other planets, the phone and doorbell will ring, e-mails will flood into your computer, your water will break and Junior will come in kicking and screaming.

The Moon's Void period ends just in time for dinner at 6:44PM EST.

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