Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Let's play another multiple choice game and have a little fun today. I am going to give everybody the opportunity to give your brains a work out. I'll play smarty pants Alex Trebek. It's pretty easy to look smart when you are holding the answers in your hand isn't it?
Lucky me! The blogger can design the day anyway she chooses.

I have my trusty ephemeris here and it contains all the celestial answers. I will give you three descriptions of mini forecasts to choose from and it will be your jobs to choose the right planetary picture that best describes what should manifest today.
You will know if you are wrong if the link brings you to my favorite oracle The Amazing Kreskin.

Here goes!

Media people should take care not to blow facts out of proportion today. In order to reach successful conclusions in foreign affairs, diplomats must curb their tendency towards arrogance and self righteousness.

(a) Saturn square Uranus
(b) Mercury square Jupiter
(c) Mars trine Saturn

Today we will be hearing how the general public is more open to progressive ideas regarding the rights of women.

(a) Moon sextile Uranus
(b) Venus conjunct Mars
(c) Sun sextile Ascendant

Public is still concerned about the state of the economy.

(a) Sun+Mars=Venus
(b) South Node in Aquarius
(c) Transit of Moon in USA's second house

If you get three out of three consider putting up a shingle. If you get two out of three keep on keep reading my blog. If you couldn't answer any one of them I give you an A+ just for reading my blog!

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