Thursday, June 11, 2009


Call me crazy. I like Scorpios. I was born with a Scorpio Venus so I can appreciate their intensity. I have two Scorpio siblings which can be astrologically proven by my Tony Sopranolike Pluto sitting next to a tough cigar smoking Mars in my third house. And yes, I am not proud to admit that I can swear with the best of them especially when someone cuts my car off in traffic during rush hour.

I understand why Scorpios can drive all the eleven other signs of the zodiac crazy. I've given enough astrology lectures to know that sign number eight is not exactly the most popular member of the twelve tribes and I've had enough! This Scorpio Bashing must end! I mean have some compassion. How easy is it to go through life with a scorpion as your astrological symbol? No more audience flinching and wincing when I get to the S word. It's time to make it understood that each one of us have inherited the Scorpio gene and it's living right inside of us lurking behind a lamppost somewhere in your horoscope.

Yes you can be part Scorpio, just like you can be part German, Irish, Brazilian or Italian. Your Scorpioness can be found where ever Pluto is located in your natal chart.

Pluto exists so that we can maintain control over our lives. If we didn't have a Pluto we would all be doormats and married to Darth Vader or of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Scorpios just do the control thing better than the rest of us because if you are a Scorpio you are the real deal. Scorpios were born with their hands on the controls. Everybody else takes turns.

I attended an astrology research project in which twelve people born under the sign of Scorpio were interviewed in order to find the common thread that existed among them. For an astrologer the information obtained from this project was like winning the astrology lottery. It enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of my two siblings that I otherwise might have overlooked. I believe that astrology is one of the best ways to help do the same for others signs as well.

In order to truly understand a Scorpio it is important to remember that the biggest fear for people born under this sign is fear of abandonment. That is why the urge to maintain control is so strong for Scorpios. Imagine what courage it took for people born under this powerful sign to expose themselves for the sake of the "project" to help others understand them.

Here is a sampling of their quotes:

"Don't feel comfortable in new situations."

A Scorpio sympathizer like me understands and appreciates how divulging such a candid and truthful response from this very secretive sign could result in allowing enemy access...a fate worse than death. If everybody knows what makes them tick they can be overthrown by the enemy.

"Don't like being laughed at."

Who does? But remember Scorpio is the second most paranoid sign of the zodiac, and the first is Taurus. Based on this observation as well as the input from Scorpio's themselves we can assume that all Scorpio's would have difficulty understanding the difference between "laughing with you" or "laughing at you" thereby resulting in a feeling of paranoia.

"Don't trust people."

Scorpio is the most committed sign of the zodiac. When Scorpio's commit to anything it's for the long haul. If they say they are going to come to your wedding you can rest assured only death will stop them from attending. In fact this sign is so closely linked to death that anything they commit to is done to death. How many threadbare carpets were caused by an overzealous Scorpio with a vacuum? So you think a Leo can party? Think again and clear the dance floor. Once a Scorpio decides to party it will be an all nighter. How many other signs of the zodiac will rise to the occasion like this? Is it any wonder Scorpios find themselves time and again disappointed by the uncommitted.

So when you succumb to the urge to talk about Scorpio's behind their back just stop and think about what it would feel like being in a Scorpion's shoes. And if someday you feel like you are being held hostage by your Scorpio lover remember it's only because he or she loves you and doesn't want you to leave...ever. And remember again that it's perfectly normal in a relationship with a Scorpio to be called thirty times a day.

Lastly, when Scorpios tell you they're not jealous...they're lying!


Anonymous said...

After reaing what you said about Scorpio, it makes me like them less. It also demonstrates that they are only powerful because they are insecure and will do anything to compensate.

spw718 said...

I read that the coach of the France national soccer team uses astrology and star signs to select his teams.
He once said he would not have more than one Scorpio in any squad because "Scorpios always end up killing each other".