Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The Sun is approaching a conjunction to the planet Mars in the horoscope of the United States. This short lived transit will be over by the weekend but before then we should expect some short lived disappointment in foreign and legal affairs.

In the horoscope of the United States, Mars in the sign of Gemini tells us that our relationship with our friends and enemies is dual in nature. It can be both competitive and aggressive. The ruler of our seventh house in the eighth house house of other people's money indicates that our relationships with others is a committed one and one that is flavored in envy as well as financial intrigue. Our world relationships are built upon a financial partnership. The placement of the ruler of the seventh house in the eighth house says our associations become our inheritances. I would interpret this as Karma and it would behoove us to do unto others etc, etc.

When the Sun hits the United States Mars on Friday and squares Neptune in the 9th house of foreign affairs , it looks as though any kind of assertive military action at this time could be seen as weak and ineffectual under normal circumstances. Perhaps this is how we are being seen by foreign powers or perhaps this brief transit indicates a more short lived spiritual approach to foreign relations. We will see how long this approach lasts when our focus shifts back to the economy in late July.

Mars will enter the USA's seventh house on the 30th of July and will square Saturn the ruler of the USA's second house of money making the subject of the state of the economy a critical one. After this initial hit to the square of Saturn we should get a glimpse of reality and see how troublesome the economy is until we become lulled back to sleep on it's visit to Neptune.

I can hear those snores in Washington all the way from here in The Big Apple!


Debra said...

If our President would consult with you, we'd be in much better shape!

Anonymous said...

Now I'm curious to know how astrology relates to the key history events.