Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Ten Minute Astrologer's Multiple Choice Quiz!

Let's have a little fun before getting down to some of the planetary pictures for today and take this multiple choice quiz. In order to encourage reader addiction I will not post the answers until tomorrow...kind of like the NY Times daily crossword.

What sign has the most "stalker" potential?
(a) Pisces
(b) Virgo
(c) Scorpio

Keep your pen in your pocket when this planet goes retrograde.
(a) Saturn
(b) Mercury
(c) Pluto

The most well behaved babies are born under this sign.

(a) Taurus
(b) Gemini
(c) Capricorn

Log in tomorrow for the answers.

It's always exciting to find out where Jupiter is transiting in your horoscope, especially if your broke. Jupiter is the Santa Claus of the zodiac representing generosity and good fortune so it can be very helpful to know if and when he might be making a bee line for your pocketbook or bank account. On the other hand Jupiter doesn't always have to be a money indicator. Because of his generous nature the luck he bestows can come in any form.

For instance that yellow cab on 59th and 3rd almost hit you but didn't because Jupiter was close by. You could find yourself the only person in your department who has not been laid off because Jupiter was transiting your sun sign or ascendant. You might even get a surprise phone call from your attorney informing you that you're not being sued after all.

Jupiter has been in the later degrees of Aquarius which means that if you are an Aquarius born after the 5th of February you have been feeling more optimistic and experiencing good luck lately. Could be anything from a new influx of friends through your networking efforts or getting recognition for your generosity. If you were born before February 5th you have already reaped your rewards and can provide us with a list the all the extras you received.

Since Jupiter makes everybody feel good it's really not a great time to stick to or start a diet. Feeling bad times like when Saturn is around is the best time to control that appetite. Jupiter has the potential to expand waistlines so exercise restraint when you feel like second helpings.

Be on the lookout for your astrology quiz answers tomorrow!


The Laughing Idiot said...

A - I left an idea for your answer problem in the blogger help, but you may have to modify what I suggested to fit the multiple question format.

B - Interesting site. I'm an aquarius born before 2/5 and I stumbled into some good fortune. I was able to convince some of the concrete guys in my neighborhood (underconstruction) to extend my aggregate patio for only $4 a square foot - we paid more than $10 per square foot when we originally built the house a year & a half ago.


Don't you feel great when that happens? And your answer is correct!