Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well, looks like Mercury went into reverse and decided to rethink the money thing again. I wonder what April '09 financial news will resurface again. After all that was the month that Mercury was in Taurus for practically three weeks talking about things we are going to be hearing all over again. It'll be kinda like watching Groundhog Day.

It seemed just yesterday that Mercury was comfortably situated (albeit backwards) in the sign of Gemini, the celestial communications specialist. He was just teasing us as he appeared happy in his element concerning himself with education, transportation, and even the post office until May 14th that is, when he changed his mind and jumped back on the money train and right into the sign of Taurus.

And just when you were actually considering purchasing that car General Motors was going to pay you to buy. Think again as Mercury whispers words of financial paranoia in the ears of every consumer, stockholder, and street vendor the world over.

Just to be on the safe side ...keep your ears and eyes open for the Maria Bartiromo report.

Yesterdays multiple choice answers: (c) Scorpio (b) Mercury(c) Capricorn

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