Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The Moon has gone full circle and is back in Capricorn today. At the time of this posting it just left an obsessive conjunction to Pluto which tends to drive even normal mortals into a state of militancy. When the Moon got as close to Pluto as it did today, my advice for all well intentioned men especially when dealing with the opposite sex would have been for them to simply say, "yes"...all day long. And for women dealing with other women my advice would have been a resounding "ditto"!

Under Moon/Pluto transits everybody, especially women, start to behave like control freaks. Anal retentive bosses, male or female get even more so and type "A" personalities will begin to morph into the Hulk.

After the nine to five grind is over all stressed people of the world should go for a cocktail or two after work today. The Capricorn Moon is inching it's way toward a square to Venus giving all you corporate types a hankering for a second dirty martini and maybe even some dessert.

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