Friday, May 22, 2009


If you are all wondering why it feels like the sky is falling just blame it on Pluto the most powerful planet of the zodiac and Capricorn the sign represented by the three piece suit. Pluto rules all matters pertaining to things underground. That would include all of the earths valuable underground resources as well dark and powerful criminals and and even drug lords. Pluto can be ruthless in his determination to get what he wants. Pluto is kind of like your cell phone company contract...almost impossible to get out of without a price.

Pluto of an by himself isn't a bad guy it's just when he thinks you are trying to screw him over that things can get ugly. Sort of like dealing with the Mafia. Pluto controls all matters pertaining to other peoples money, like insurance companies, bank loans and even the money you borrow from a friend for personal reasons.

In order to play with Pluto you have to play by his rules and if he thinks you are getting greedy and out of control watch out! All the bad and ugly stuff that is hiding underneath like the creepy crawly things that affix themselves to unturned rocks will surface when Pluto comes around. Like Bernie Madoff and Lehman Brothers.

So here we have Pluto traveling in the sign of very corporate and law abiding Capricorn. It was just a matter of time before the greedy criminals in their Gucci loafers and Prada suits would find their gold and diamond Rolex's replaced with handcuffs. Corporations have become greedy beyond belief and Pluto is coming for revenge. Structures will continue to fall because now "it's cleanup time." Only the strong and pure of heart will survive. Where is Sir Lancelot when we need him?


spw718 said...

How long is Pluto going to be in Capricorn?


A long time. Pluto officially is out of the sign Capricorn at midnight November 20th, 2024