Tuesday, May 26, 2009


One thing you can count on in astrology is movement and change. When the planets are slow moving, the matters represented by those planets will feel like they will be going on forever. Just like the seemingly endless crawl of Saturn and Uranus in the sky reflect the present problem of implementing innovative solutions for universal health care or solving the ever increasing unemployment problem.

Astrologers watch the comings and goings of these celestial visitors with the assistance of an ephemeris, a book that contains the locations of the planets for any given day. For astrologers a ephemeris is the equivalent of having the Oracle of Delphi on their bookshelf. If you know what a planet represents and an ephemeris to show you where that planet is in relationship to your horoscope you will be able to see the symbolism of these planetary messengers manifesting all around you. Some of these planets are very powerful and need to force their meanings into your consciousness in order to get your attention so you can make necessary changes in your life rather than becoming a victim of circumstances.

I want to share some earthly manifestations of the things going on in the sky right now.

Yesterday morning a hawk was perched on the branch of a tree outside my bedroom window devouring his most recent victim. This type of National Geographic image would be considered quite normal for anyone living in deciduous forest or expansive grassland areas but for an urban dweller like me living a mere three miles from Bloomingdale's and 59th Street it was totally unexpected.

I was both awestruck and fascinated by this species' ability to survive in an environment seemingly devoid of nature.
I want to take this time to mention that the above picture, obtained with the help of google images was exactly what I saw yesterday morning. So transitwise how does this witnessing of death and survival have any relevance in the scheme of things? This was a totally personal experience for me because I am going through a Pluto transit right now and given my knowlege of astrology I know exactly what symbols to look for. As I have written in a past post Pluto rules all things pertaining to death and rebirth.

How appropos that I was visited by this vivid representation of Pluto with the help of nature. According to The Rulership Book by Rex E. Bills a Pluto topic would be "birds that eat carrion."

Ahhh! Astrology never ceases to amaze me and moving right along...

Now we go on to Jupiter and Neptune traveling hand in hand in the sky until late December...I call them the

Sounds like inflation to me. Jupiter makes everything it touches bigger and more expansive.
Neptune rules dreams and imaginations.

Is anyone paying attention or is Neptune making everything kind of fuzzy, dreamy, and confused. Kinda like it is right now ain't it? Looks like everybody is sitting back just hoping all of this will kind of go away dreaming dreams of pie in the sky and giving away buckets of money... and all while behind the scenes the price of oil like the fumes it produces could be wafting up into the $4.00 a gallon mark. All this while we aren't looking...I hope not.

Looks like a great time to take a vacation though since everyone needs a time out to believe in the tooth fairy and make believe. Lots of bargains abound while everyone is looking to get away from it all and the prices for them are falling faster than a parachute that won't open. The state of affairs for the economy is making that cheap dream trip to Vegas a reality. Las Vegas by the way is the Jupiter/Neptune capital of the world. This conjunction can help you go practically for free.

Jupiter is in Aquarius which is the sign that rules the House of Representatives. Neptune is also in Aquarius so I'm kind of wondering if they all might all be taking the same sedative and snoozing on the job or just looking at the world with rose colored glasses. Speaking of jobs I will continue looking at that sad state of affairs tomorrow when we take a peek at some Saturn in Virgo images.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words I think this could just be the easiest way to learn astrology. See you tomorrow for your next lesson!

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