Thursday, May 21, 2009


This is the best sign to meet at a party especially if you came in alone. Gemini's love to talk and it is not just to hear themselves talk either. They just love information of any kind and just have to pass it along. Gemini's are perpetually in the three year old stage of development meaning they are asking "why" continuously. I-phones, computers, or encyclopedias were created especially for Gemini's. In fact if you are banging your head against the wall figuring out what to buy for your favorite Gemini any of these suggestions might help.

  • An all expense paid day trip to anywhere.
  • Embroidered day of the week panties for that special lady in your life.
  • Multiple function watches that can tell you everything.
  • Happy face masks they can put on when their evil twin takes over.
  • Gift certificate for fifty-two weeks worth of manicures.
  • Literary gifts with titles like HOW TO ARRIVE ON TIME or HOW NOT TO BE CONTRARY
  • A lie detector.
  • One hundred magazine subscriptions.
  • A television and Serius radio for every room of the house
So go ahead and try out a few of these history making Gemini crowd pleasers guaranteed to bring a smile albeit temporary one to that special Gemini in your life.


The word ambulatory always has special meaning for all Gemini's. Always check to see when Mercury goes retrograde because as your ruling planet it can wreak havoc on your travel plans. So try not to ink in any appointments in your calendar until after the 31st of this month. Be extra careful in July and August when Mars goes into your sign when speeding tickets, papercuts and sharp tongues will abound.

Early Gemini's born before June 4th can relax a little now as Saturn has been lightening up his demands on you . You should begin to feel like the testing period you have been under is loosening it's grip.


Just to be on the safe side all Gemini's should just keep paying attention to the rules. No parking means no parking... mail from the IRS must be opened...pooper scoopers must be used. And don't blame the stars if you ignore the rules and suffer the consequences.

The planet Uranus has been in the sign of Pisces forever making late Geminis feel like jumping on a plane to anywhere making early Geminis birthday natives seem more settled in their ways because they have already experienced the hit from Uranus. Early Gemini's have already changed their haircolor, their name, became citizens or got divorced. Later Gemini's have yet to fly the coop, leave the job, or end that stupid affair that makes you feel even younger than a three year old.

In either case I'm sure the both of you have been anything but bored lately. And for those of you who are, you should just get in your car, take your cell phone and read the paper while you are waiting for the light to change.

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