Friday, May 15, 2009


According to the New York weekend weather forecast, it looks like this Seattle-like trend could continue to bring us bad hair days and suicidal thoughts. New Yorkers will have to prepare for the worst because even that long anticipated weekend trip to Florida looks like there might be a shower or two. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope the weather guys are wrong.

So whatever you may be planning for this weekend and whatever your astrological sign, check out my list of observations, cautions, and suggestions for any possible inclement weather.

ARIES - Because you are all so genetically competitive why not try and find an indoor tennis center to work off your frustration over the unpredictable weather forecast or spend the weekend doing computer searches for How to be a Successful Entrepreneur.

TAURUS - Cheers to all you bulls! Your sign is going to be the least bit effected by soggy weather because eating and drinking can be done inside or out.

GEMINI - Of all the signs of the zodiac yours is effected most by clouds and raindrops. Go out and buy a full spectrum lamp to help fight off your Seasonal Affective Disorder. You'll feel much better alone right now so do yourself and your loved ones a favor and send them away for the weekend.

CANCER - You collectors of the zodiac can avoid disappointment over raindrops because lots of garage sales take place inside. Another little piece of heaven for you crabs would be a weekend shopping expedition at Costco or Walmart

LEO - Where is it written that tickets to Broadway shows can't be found on a rainy day? Rain or shine Leo's always know how to have fun!

VIRGO - All of your crafts projects are probably done indoors so your sign will be least effected by the weather...that is until you miss a stitch.

LIBRA - Go anyplace where you can be with somebody else and you will be just fine.

SCORPIO - You probably knew what the weather was going to be like last year and are probably taking a plane to St. Barth's. If there is any sign that can move a cloud over to the next cabana its yours.

SAGITTARIUS - You cockeyed optimists don't really believe anything the weatherman says so if anybody will enjoy collecting shells in the rain it will be you guys.

CAPRICORN - No one is more prepared for bad weather like a Cappy is. You worry warts always expect and prepare for the worst ensuring that your sign will be the driest of them all and the laugh will be on the rest of the eleven signs of the zodiac.

AQUARIUS - People born under your sign are always busy trying something different so your weekend cave expedition should protect you from any above ground thunderstorm.

PISCES - Finding your Pisces buddy on a rainy weekend it will be a piece of cake! Just check out your local art museum, movie theatre, or any indoor concert...and if you can't find him in any of these places just take a look in at his favorite watering hole.

Have a great weekend and I'll be back on Monday!

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