Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Venus is the planet that rules over love and romance and is in the sign of Aries until June 6th. Aries is not considered the most considerate of signs because Aries acts without thinking. This sign acts on impulse and that means fast hard and with decisiveness. When you put amorous Venus in aggressive and competitive Aries it conjures up an image of the beautiful and lusty Carmen in the famous opera.

Combine that with a Casanova like Mars in Aries we have a pretty tempestuous energy stirring up Aphrodite's libido. The planets actually never actually catch up with each other this month though because Mars goes into the sign of Taurus on June 1st before Venus can catch up with him and that leaves Venus behind. Mars in the sky is always ahead this month in the race through the zodiac dashing Venus' hopes of having a potential lover.

We can expect to see the imagery of Venus and Mars all around us for the next ten days or so at least. We will hear plenty of reports by ladies about the man that got away. Romance and love is in the air but it doesn't look like the girl gets the guy. Advertisers will put more focus on romantic themes to sell their products. Lady pedestrians will attract more whistles and cat calls than usual by lusty construction workers. But don't trust that any one of these guys are actually looking for a long term romance. Women will find themselves being more assertive than usual because of Venus' temporary visit in Aries making them more apt to make the first call to Mr. Wonderful than to sit by the phone waiting for him to make the first move. Take my advice and don't call him.

Venus and Aries make for a combination that could work work both ways and may actually be helpful for the less aggressive members of both sexes. Passive women will become more bold in their approach towards the opposite sex and passive men will be able to bond with their inner Lothario. In this case it just could be a win win for both genders.

On the other hand there is always a down side to everything so this is also a time when competitive issues come to the surface in relationships. Couples who have been able to sweep petty annoyances under the carpet will now be unable to ignore the accumulated pile. Rather than choosing to fight the desire to make nice with Venus would be is a much more attractive choice in the long run.

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