Tuesday, December 5, 2023


Happy Birthday to all Sagittarians!! 

BUT... Did you all know that you are a mutable sign which means that you have a quality in common with four other mutable signs which are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces?  Even though you are all unique in your own way and see the world though your own specific lens there will be times when you all will seem to be facing similar struggles especially when a planet such as Saturn, in its transits around your horoscope decides to demand your attention.  

So right now all of you happy go lucky Sagittarians are behaving more cautiously lately.  You probably keep wondering why you relate more to the personality of a Capricorn than your regular optimistic self. 

Gemini's may be feeling less secure about their communication skills and health concerns seem to be focused on your respiratory system or that troublesome aching shoulder. 

Virgo's who tend to be slightly hypochondriacal are feeling more concerned about germs and job security than you normally do. Let's not forget perfectionistic.

Pisces may also find themselves finally dealing with a strange allergy.  It could be the time when you finally find out what has been causing that aggravating itching or persistent coughing. 

So if you are a Sagittarius you will always be a Sagittarius; optimistic, open to big ideas, open to traveling to distant shores in your head, by plane, car or ship.  If you are a Virgo you will be more perfectionistic than ever as well as health concerned.  If you are a Gemini you will be called out for speaking or writing your mind or sorry you didn't get that flu shot.  If you are a Pisces you may finally be coming more realistic about that relationship that never gets better.

The best way for all of you to handle your Saturn transit is to pay attention to where the struggles are coming from.  During a Saturn transit keep current with medical and dental visits.  You may also be feeling overwhelmed with work issues.  Pay attention to Saturn's hints.  If work stinks, it may be time to move on.  If health stinks get to the doctor.  If you can't relate to any of these possibilities.  Congratulations!  You are either on drugs or an ascended master.

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