Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Since Venus is the ruling planet of Libra, the sign is always trying to keep the peace by making nice and making love not war. Its reputation for being indecisive comes from their penchant for being fair.  Generally, fairness requires a careful weighing of opposites.  Libra's always see both sides of the coin and measure their final decision accordingly. Since it is an air sign feelings don't have much to do with how they come to conclusions.  

Air signs (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) aren't particularly warm and fuzzy.  Their talent for working a room has nothing to do with feelings, its more socially driven.  As a people oriented sign they get turned on by engaging in social banter rather than engaging in emotional sharing.  Since they talk a good game its easy to get sucked in by their charm thinking they are tuned into your deepest feelings when what they are really tuned into is what those feelings represent on an intellectual level.  If you are a water sign and want to cry along with somebody do it with another water sign like a Cancer, Scorpio or a Pisces.  Although Pisces is one water sign in a class by itself.  No sign dumps like a Pisces which can make an air sign feel like its drowning.  That goes for the fire signs too. 

But I digress.  Since feelings aren't necessarily what they are comfortable with let's think of areas of life in which they would gravitate to and be effective at. Since Libra is a Venus ruled sign what it is seeking is peace.  Making nice. Making love not war. You can find a lot of generals born under this sign.  Why? Think about it.  Generals want to win a war.  Winning a war brings about peace. How about marriage counseling?  They make great mediators.  Law is a profession that attracts Libra's like honey attracts bees...specifically divorce attorney's. They are also attracted to other professions like politics, interior decorating, cosmetology, fashion and fine arts. 

For most Libra's encounters are easy but commitments can be a cause for anxiety and delay ensues.  Once they make their minds up though they find the institution of marriage and ideal state of being and wonder why it took them so long to make it.  I've seen Libra's who've taken years to make the big step to "I Do"


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