Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Moon: The Emotional Celestial Satellite

Have you ever noticed the unusual number of unhinged people milling about during a Full Moon? Nurses report that emergency rooms seem to explode with activity when the Moon turns to high beam mode. Police have come to expect the bizarre during a Full Moon. Even the average man or woman on the street will either witness or be the actual perpetrator of an emotional outburst.

As for myself I haven't kept a log on how many times I've gotten over-emotional about things, and I can tell you many of those times had nothing to do with the Moon.  After all, everyone is unique and each one of us has a horoscope that reflects that uniqueness.  What I'm saying is that there will always be times when certain configurations in our charts can be triggered by something other than the Moon. But right now I'm talking Moon and the people who are ruled by it.

The following information was shared with me over the years from my students and clients who born under the sign of the crab. They've told me that when the Moon is full they get very moody...and I mean all of them.  There hasn't been a Cancer who hasn't agreed with my observation. All the textbooks describe the sign of Cancer as an emotional, sensitive sign.  Sure, as a sign that is ruled by the Moon it is no wonder that they become more in tune with their feelings and their surroundings when the Moon is opposite the Sun.  As the first sign of the psychic triad, Cancer's will be most effected if  in an environment that is not conducive to  peace and tranquility. A Full Moon is the most likely time that their impressions of people, places, things and events would be coming to the surface.  It's no wonder they have a reputation for being moody.  Keeping one's cool while getting feelings about a winning lottery ticket, family matters, new career or a failed love affair could make anybody moody.

There is one very important thing to remember about the sign of the Crab.  Their feelings are their compass and they'll never steer you wrong.

I'm forever keeping a log of observations and reader's planetary experiences.   As astrology is an observational science any comments from Cancer's about their Full Moon experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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