Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tell Me Oh Great Oracle

Its been an unpredictable future for all you Rams ever since Uranus entered the sign back in 2011. If you were born early in the sign, the worst could be over but expect aftershocks.  Don't think you have all the answers.  Keep your head down and keep a low profile.  If you are in the tech field you should be one of the lucky ones.

With Venus in your 7th solar house, relationships of all kinds should go smoothly.  Venus is the planet of love, romance, affection and beauty.  People you meet now can be of help to you with not only beauty advice but even financial advice.  If you have been thinking of going to a therapist or life coach this is the time you could find just the right one.  An increase in your workload can be exactly what you need to stand up for your rights.

Saturn in your 7th solar house will give you a realistic view of those around you.  You may find it frustrating dealing with people who are more conservative than you would like.  Its a time when you will be hearing more nay's than yay's. This can be of help when assessing where people are coming from.  They will be less able to pull the  wool over your eyes now.  Best to accept people "warts and all" now, rather than be disappointed later.

With Pluto the most powerful planet in the heavens in your 7th solar house, its no wonder you feel like you've been under the thumb of a dictator.  Pluto demands that he be in control.  While he is in your solar 7th house you have to be careful of people with darker agendas. Don't be taken in by unrealistic offers of wealth and fame. The benefits you have been receiving regarding living arrangement have been due to good family relations karma.

Make sure you don't overestimate your worth.  Spending more than you have can upset the apple cart. You should have exercised some restraint in your pursuit of financial independence around the 10th of the month. Matters concerning your home and real estate are taking center stage as matter of importance.

Jupiter in the first solar house is the reason for that expanding waistline.  Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and good luck.  Under its rays we tend to relax in the discipline department because we actually feel pretty good, even under stressful situations. Upsetting circumstances occurred on the 10th of the month which made you aware of an insecure workplace.

Venus in Scorpio recently gave you tremendous sex appeal and an urge to decorate your home in strong color pallets such as deep reds that mix well with exotic furniture.  Libra is a sign that likes to please so the intense Scorpio influence will be tempered with complimenting eye pleasing design and colors . Uranus the planet of originality, change and surprises will be going direct on Christmas day. Your guest list will include a variety of people from the sublime to the ridiculous.
With Saturn in the 2nd solar house this month Scorpio's will not go overboard.  They will take a more realistic approach this holiday season.  Gifts will have more personal meaning rather than about show. With Venus prominent, Scorpio's approach to others this holiday season will be with great appreciation and love for family and friends.

Is there any other sign that resists restraint more than opportunistic, indulgent and generous Sagittarius?  Well, every sign has its encounter with the zodiac's taskmaster sooner or later so Sagittarians will just have to suck it up this Christmas. Indulgent Jupiter in Virgo is managing to make Sagittarius forget that he should be on a diet, resisting all those indulgences whether it be food, shopping, verbosity, opinions and judgments. Perhaps Sag's will get a wake up call when Uranus goes direct on the 25th.

Pluto, the most powerful planet in the Zodiac is still in the sign of Capricorn running the world of business.  May the force be with us.  Its a way of life now so sit back and enjoy it.  Meantime this month Cappy's will find themselves consuming a lot more alcohol than usual to take the edge off the mental pressures.  Poets and songwriters of the sign will be able to tap into their imaginations more easily.  Politicians like Trump (is he a politician really???) will also be able to tap in the elusive and hard to figure Moon in Pisces energy.

Jupiter in your 8th solar house indicates financial benefits from those that hold the purse strings like banks, insurance companies and inheritances.  Generally other people's pockets are accessed via the eighth house.  If you are in need of a loan this is the time you should apply, even though once received you'll feel like you made a pact with the devil. Now is the time to socialize with friends to keep you from being bored.

Although this is a very busy month for socializing don't over do it.  A revolving door of people showering you with goodies can be fun but be careful not to lose perspective.  This month is a month when you will feel the urge for foreign travel.  Take the time to expand your social circle.  Great month for romance, socializing and popularity.

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