Friday, June 10, 2011

Transiting Uranus in the Tenth House: How's Your Career Going?

There have been a number of constants in my life. In order of importance they look like this:
  1. Family and Friends
  2. Astrology
  3. Work
Without my family, life would be pretty empty indeed and fortunately for me I have an amazing one. Without astrology I wouldn't know which end was up. My ex-husband summed it up perfectly when he said "You are like someone who has to go up in an airplane to find out where you live." Then lastly when it comes to the subject of work the placement of the Sun in my sixth house makes work vital for my very existence.

Being born under the sign of Sagittarius implies that I am somewhat of an adventurer. Yes and no. I view the zodiac as if it were one big cosmic roulette wheel with the first breath being the determining factor for where the little ball lands. It appears that my first breath began at the point when the ball landed in the sixth house. From my point of view this makes me an honorary Virgo but not in the stereotypical sense because for this incarnation I'm renting Virgo's house as a Sag. This is an awkward placement. How does a free wheeling detail ignoring Sag operate in a household that requires scrutinizing analysis and attention to details. As for adventure I suppose that any job I do get must provide me with a sense of adventure or else I'm not interested.

It makes me pretty critical at times and can cause me to mouth off much too often and with more candor than necessary. If I see that a job can be done more efficiently it is almost impossible for me to hold my tongue especially when I am relaxed because when a Sag is relaxed the brakes are off. This is when the mouth really takes over like a mouth possessed. Virgo's nature is not to mouth like a machine gun but rather point out the particular flaw that is interfering with efficiency so it can be corrected. So actually we are talking about a style of behavior here. Sagittarius in a Virgo house is sort of like a bull in a china shop

Then there is the matter of injustice. When a Sagittarius witnesses or becomes the victim of an injustice be prepared and hold on to your seat because all bets will be on for a federal case to be made out of it. Like what happened to me on Thursday.

I recently took a part time job that was within walking distance from my home. It appealed to me not for the type of job it was but because of the hours and distance. The job began sometime in late March. I must interject here that I am now experiencing a full on Uranus transit squaring my sixth house Sun so my decision to do part time seemed to me to be a good way to go. Let's see what happened.

The job I was to perform was sales. The products were all related to copiers and printing supplies. How boring can you get right? Anyway, during the first week I was asked to be patient until they could get around to training me. This should have been the first sign to me to rethink my decision to work there. The second week the owner decided that he would really like his website to be optimized and asked me to write articles that would start the process. "Okay", I told myself, "I'm flexible I'll write, it might even be fun." So I began to write, but then they fired the woman at the front desk and I was needed to fill in until they could find a replacement. I soon learned that hiring and firing was like a hobby for these guys. I must interject here that English was a second language for them and most of the day they would constantly speak in their mother tongue. One can be made to feel a little paranoid and disrespected in this type of environment. Let's just say their inconsiderate social skills caused much discomfort for people. I constantly wondered if they were talking about me and planning some horrible act that would effect my bank firing me. I didn't have to be Kreskin to see the writing on the wall. Word around the office confirmed that the environment was a revolving door of new hires. I decided when the time was right I would eventually quit and put up with the bullshit temporarily

The new hire lasted all of three days. Day after day I witnessed their total inconsideration for their employees and how their actions would effect the lives of others. Does anyone smell transiting Uranus squaring my sun? In a matter of sixty days my job title changed three times. It was on payday Thursday that my psychic antennae went up and I knew just like Ann Bolin and Marie Antoinette that it would be a good day to chop off my head. I was called into little Cesar's office and before my ass met the chair I ripped into my employer like a marine drill sergeant. No one was more surprised than me and it felt great. I should take this opportunity to mention that besides making my tougher planets more palatable my natal Moon in Libra likes to make nice and stay popular. I don't doubt the recipient of my outburst was totally surprised.

I will not go into detail about how confusing it was living in a three dimensional world but feeling a continuous sleazy energy swirling around in my work environment. I will also not go into the inner searching I had to do in order to find out what weakness within myself allowed me to subject myself to be associated it. I will simply express it in planets. Transiting Neptune squaring natal sixth house Sun. Transiting Neptune preparing to retrograde back onto my Aquarius MC for yet another time before it sprinkles knock out drops again onto my natal Sun anesthetizing me like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Transiting Uranus in Aries opposite my Natal Moon ruler of my second house will certainly make for an unpredictable financial situation.

Natal Saturn in the second house doesn't help any either. The celestial messages are clear. I must keep away from the lower expressions of the planetary energies and raise my awareness and energy level to a higher frequency in order to attract the positive vibrations inherent in the transits.

Thanks for allowing me to vent and have a great weekend.


msfullroller said...

Wow, that was f'd up, pardon my french! But you did what needed to be done,


It really was, and what I described in my post was only half of it. Just call me spunky!