Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mars+ Uranus = Crazy Arnold

I do not have the time of Arnold Schwartzenegger's birth. The following interpretation is based on the placement of the planets in the sky on the day of his birth which I found on Wikipedia. Readers should remember that anyone born on July 30, 1947 will have similar traits. The time of birth is always crucial for an accurate chart interpretation. Still there are configurations in the sky for this particular day that in my opinion certainly reflect the personae of the actor turned politician turned horn dog we all have read about recently.

I will leave it up to you dear readers to see if the planetary stereotypes found in our textbooks fit the personality of a man who it seems impossible to typecast based on rolls like Kindergarten cop and Terminator One and Two

Firstly, Arnold has a Leo sun. People born under this sign do like to have fun. They also like to have the spotlight on them and enjoy the creative world of entertainment. His sun in Leo makes a conjunction to Saturn giving him focus and discipline.

Arnold started out in the world of entertainment as a three time winning champion bodybuilder for which he earned the title Mr. Olympia. The movie Pumping Iron was a critical success earning Arnold even more worldwide attention. The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto are indicative of a powerful determination to succeed. His natal Sun, Saturn, and Pluto in square with Jupiter increases his desire to succeed in a big way. It appears he came in this incarnation understanding that life was an uphill battle and he was going to be king of the mountain. He will experience losses as well as successes with a Saturn squaring Jupiter.

His natal Moon is in a square to Neptune. Classically this planetary combo will bestow vision and imagination but the square can cause lapses in discipline and the need to escape into fantasy. There is a constant desire for perfection that is rarely achieved. Disappointment with women is common due to an unrealistic image of the perfect women. I don't doubt that Arnold's roving eye was a result of his Moon squaring Neptune. It must be hard to resist the glamor of all those adoring females that this aspect can bring. I'll bet when this aspect kicked in from time to time that lying to women was as easy as breathing for Arnold. It is also interesting that Moon, Neptune aspects can also bring about a child out of wedlock. Oops!

I forgot to mention that Arnold also has a conjunction of Mars and Uranus. Holy cow! People with this aspect never know what they are going to do. They are constantly shocking the people around them. They thrive on excitement and think later if at all. The actions of men with this aspect is so unpredictable and bizarre it's like they are crazy or something. Arnold's Mars and Uranus are in Gemini. According to published reports old Arnie was unable to keep his hands to himself around the ladies. Makes you kind of sympathize with the poor guy. It's
like he has a physical handicap... like Touretts Syndrome of the hands or something.

Believe it or not I do have compassion for Arnold and wish him well. I'm human after all. Here's hoping he gets a big gigantic Saturn transit to help him overcome his karmic challenges and learns to keep his hands to himself and remembers that sharing his marriage bed with the hired help is always off limits and never a good idea.

I'm just wondering how Maria could have overlooked this little hand tick of his. Oh well!


WiseLalia said...

Arnold was born at 4:07 am. I'm female, but also have Moon square Neptune and have a Mars-Uranus trine... I don't have his problems, but I do have admiration for his successes.

My concern is for his out-of-wedlock son. The other four children have plenty of family support. But the new addition to the (public) family may not have it. No child is responsible for how he was conceived. Nor should they suffer because of it.

One famous bastard in history was William the Conquerer, who was the Frenchman (Norman) who took over the British Isles in 1066. He was known in France as "William the Bastard." Plenty of reason to make a new life for himself elsewhere...


I agree with you completely. Unfortunately, since time immemorial for us humans controlling the sexual urge has always been a afterthought. "Be fruitful and multiply" is in our genetic code and won't be going away any time soon.