Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Last week the media went wild with their amazing discovery... something that astrologers have known practically since the world was round... the precession of the equinoxes.

It seems that every few years an astronomer with media connections decides that he wants his fifteen minutes of fame. The media then takes the ball and runs with it and announces to the world that according to astronomy the popular astrology signs we all thought we were are wrong. Rather than repeat here exactly what astrologer Lynn Hayes has explained brilliantly I'll just give you the link. It is quite thorough in its explanation of this tired old debate.

A lot of my lectures take place at local public libraries. My audiences are generally people who want to be entertained and hear about their signs and the signs of their friends and loved ones. So basically my lectures are entertaining, informative and fun. I would find myself alone in an empty auditorium if I were to focus on astronomy rather than astrology.

Having been in this game over 30 some odd years I can spot a person in the audience who has an axe to grind. I can only describe them as passive aggressive hecklers. I run into them all the time and I can spot them a mile away. They come to the lecture with the sole intent to engage me in an astrology vs astronomy debate. The last time it happened to me the audience drove a familiar local with a reputation for challenging guest speakers like me into a debate out of the auditorium. Fortunately I'm not at all intimidated by these personality types and make it a practice of never engaging them in their hearts desire which would be to come out victorious in a debate on my favorite subject.

I realize that not all retired engineers and amateur astronomers are looking for an opportunity to make themselves look intelligent at someone else's expense. After all engineers and astronomers are often the finest astrologers but there are a small percentage that do and one of them was responsible for making all this noise in the news.

I'm still a Sagittarius by the way.

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