Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sextiles: Subtle Opportunities

I just took a peek at the ephemeris to see if there were any pressing configurations just itching to get the attention of us mortals. I see that impulsive and energetic Mars is going to meet up with Jupiter on the this evening in a very tight and exact sextile. The effects of a sextile aspect like this are certainly less than spectacular but sextile aspects are opportunities waiting to be taken advantage of. Rather than a hit the jackpot kind of effect the result of these two planets will be more like a patting yourself on the back for using your good judgement kind of aspect. Since these two planets make for fortunate actions, anytime today before 7:45PM EST would be a good time to make your move. After that you will have missed your chance.


Jara said...

Thanks for this article. I have several sextiles in my chart and by transit, and I'm wondering how much effort is needed to activate the good fortune!


Perhaps this analogy will help.
Trines are like breathing it's automatic. Sextiles offer is your choice as to whether you take advantage of them or not.