Monday, June 14, 2010

Venus in Leo

Well it certainly has been a long time between posts. The delay was due to the birth of my first grandchild and needless to say a very joyous occasion for the entire family. Now that things have quieted down some I am now going to try to get back to my usual routine. So much to blog about what with oil spills, Joran van der Sloot, Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda's eleven year old health insurance plan, and lest we not forget... all of Broadway's latest Tony winners.

But today I prefer to ignore these rather mundane topics especially with today's entrance of Venus, the incomparable planet of beauty into the proud and regal sign of Leo. Ignoring Venus entering the sign of Leo would be like turning down an audience with the Queen of England for a ticket to Sex in the City II.

The best way to explain what Venus in Leo is like would be to imagine if you were born on a day when Venus was in this proud sign. I always feel that pretending to be in another person's shoes is the best way to elicit empathy for others. So with that thought in mind here are a few things that might be evident in your personality if you were born with Venus in Leo:
  1. You could never be accused of slouching. Venus wouldn't be caught dead looking anything but attractive and everybody knows a Leo is capable of making even a peacock appear humble.
  2. You think that all ceilings should be lined in mirrors.
  3. No matter what your profession, you always feel your best in front of an audience.
  4. You demonstrate your affections with grand sweeping gestures as if you were performing in a Broadway musical.
  5. An Affair to Remember and Camelot are probably your favorite films .
  6. For you love and fun go together like moon's and stars, and hearts and flowers and xxx's and oooo's.
  7. Your mom and dad may have named you Cupid, Queen Latifah, Aphrodite or Lothario.
  8. Dancing with the Stars is your favorite show.
  9. Love will always be the most important thing in your life.
  10. Your favorite day is February 14th.

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