Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Cardinal Sign Line Up

If you were born in the very early in the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn you all feel like leaving where ever it is you're at. These signs are called Cardinal signs and Cardinal signs are the initiating signs of the zodiac. Cardinal signs have a hard time sitting back and watching the world go by. These four movers and shakers would prefer to call the shots and make things happen.

Ever since the planet Pluto entered the Cardinal sign of Capricorn we have witnessed the toppling of many corporations as well as the many powerful business men who ran them. When Pluto entered this Cardinal sign of business every other Cardinal sign in an early degree felt the impact much like hundreds of evenly lined up domino's set off by the flick of a trouble making finger.

Have you been that successful quintessential Aries entrepreneur all of your life who is discovering that what you produce is no longer in demand in the marketplace? Could you be a Cancer who has had to resort to selling your precious collectibles because you've lost your job? Are you a psychologist born under the sign of Libra who has lost a significant number of clients causing you to rethink your career choice? Capricorn's don't like to take a back seat and under the present planetary picture it is more than likely you all are discovering you just might have to.

If you want to blame all of this on something just blame it on Pluto's transit through a Cardinal sign and oh yes, I almost forgot, Uranus the planet of change and liberation has just entered the Cardinal sign of Aries on May 29th . This is the equivalent of lightening striking not just once, not just twice, but four times because all early degree Cardinal signs will be feeling the urge to run.

This all sounds so dark and hopeless, but good always goes along with the bad...after all nothing is all bad is it? Pluto is just out to exterminate the bad guys and clean house and that's a good thing. Uranus is just out to shake up the same old boring routines in order to make necessary changes and to bring in the new and that's a good thing too. You can be sure of one thing though ... we will definitely be living in one hell of a mess until then.

And I don't think you need an astrologer to tell you that.


Ann said...

this is so illuminating. thank you for sharing. I am a crab and you are right when you about losing a job and trying to sell stuff. I wasnt able to sell mine but I attempted to do so before. It was/ is such a hard time. but i feel things are changing and it is for the good. i hope this wont last long though


Just remember to follow your gut. Don't forget you water signs are the psychics of the zodiac. Your instincts will deliver you out of these trying times.