Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Transits Colliding

As promised I am ready to prepare some real life manifestations of the transits to my natal chart. The following examples should serve as a guide to the meanings behind some of them:

Let's see how the aspects have been playing out for me:

The quickest moving body in your horoscope similar to the minute hand on a clock face will orient you rather quickly towards daily concerns about all female issues especially motherhood, including home and family matters.

In early October 2009 Saturn entered the sign of Libra and made a conjunction to my natal Moon. Living in New York and having relatives in Florida made it difficult for me to connect very often. In order to stave off depression I took advantage of visiting them and as a result I was granted entrance into a wonderful and very big Italian family. As a result I have reunited with them and consider them my lifeline during my stay in the sunshine state. I don't doubt that the lunar nodes influences as well as Saturn transiting my fourth house as I've mentioned below brought in a reuniting influence as well.

There are two of them. A north node and a south node. The nodes of the Moon are the points where the Moon's orbit intersects the plane of the ecliptic. The North Node represents new experiences that we must master and the South Node represents experiences that we have already mastered. These polar opposites can be likened to the process of creating new karma and karma that has already been created.

My South Node is at 0 degrees Capricorn in my the seventh house. The South Node in Capricorn made it easy for me to lapse into the same old routine and accept opportunities that presented themselves without carefully weighing the circumstances. In my case I accepted entering into a relationship the nature of which was about elder care. Capricorn is very representative of seniors. South Node stuff is also very karmic and I don't doubt that my relationship to my relative was karmic in nature.

The Ascendant represents a person's physical body as identified by others through the personality and characteristics expressed through his or her interactions with other people. The Ascendant is like the book jacket on the published novel not necessarily the whole story. The Ascendant is a very sensitive point in the horoscope and has the potential to be experienced as a physical symptom by a person who is having the transit. The symptom will almost always be related to the nature of the planet or planets involved.

When this elderly statesman of the zodiac is within orb of significant areas of your horoscope he will notify you with all sorts of reprimands and karmic warnings related to the configurations and houses associated with them in your chart. Saturn also has a kinship with old people, places and things.

Saturn represents responsibility and karma and the sign of Virgo indicates that the responsibility is about work and service. I was designated to be a caretaker for an elderly relative when Saturn in Virgo squared my ascendant. I had virtually no social interactions with others because of Saturn's influence. Saturn always puts limits on things and in my case it was my social life.

Saturn was also transiting my fourth house of home and family and I temporarily located to Florida during this time. Saturn was also squaring my natal Mercury causing me to deal with a bout of pneumonia in the latter part of October but was only diagnosed around November.
I am a Gemini rising and communicating is also a vital part of who I am. Saturn squaring my natal Mercury made it difficult for easy communicating because my kind and gentle relative was experiencing some early memory loss.

The most powerful planet of the zodiac. Without Pluto we would not know how to control ourselves. So Pluto gives us an inner GPS to enable us to navigate ourselves through life as a way to avoid collision courses with the things life throws at us. Sometimes Pluto, depending on other circumstances in the chart can cause control disorders, like OCD problems given his penchant for control themes. But most of all Pluto forces us to stay on an ideal course because when we get out of control Pluto, sure as shooting will take take it all back and leave you with nothing.

The seventh house is the all about relationships and encounters of all kinds. Pluto is also anti social and yes, dear friends I must confess I have been anything but social lately. It has also been my experience that whenever Pluto is very close to sensitive areas in my chart I become extremely psychic and get glimpses into the ulterior motives of others. Is it any wonder the need to avoid others becomes terribly necessary? Very uncomfortable indeed. Pluto is notorious for bring underworld or dark and unsavory people into our lives. Pluto transiting the seventh house should caution anyone going through it to avoid entering into relationships that smell a little askew.

I will return next week with more examples of a planetary traffic jam. That is if I make it out alive. Thanks for stopping by and by all means have a happy Fourth of July!!!

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