Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Cancer!

If any sign understands the effects of banking deregulation it is your naturally protective and family oriented sign. Most of you have been going through personal difficulties especially pertaining to finances, real estate and family matters. If you are losing money on a particular piece of property and can't let go this might very well be the time to take the best offer and cut your losses. Some of you brave Cancer's may have already been forced to bid goodbye to your old way of life because it proved to be either out dated, unbearable or just plain unprofitable. And then there are you very sensitive and astute Cancer's who heard the call and started the journey on to your new life with the help of your downright inborn good instincts.

You are being called to find greener pastures. Ruts exist to make us so uncomfortable that we search inside ourselves for a solution. The solution for ruts is change and change you must with the influence of the rebel Uranus living so close to home. Discomfort is the only way you will be motivated to make the changes that will bring you a new and exciting life.

For those of you who have already begun the voyage I bid you love and success. For those of you who are still struggling to find your way, just remember, help is on the way.

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