Friday, May 14, 2010

Venus Transits: Good Hair, Bad Hair Days

As of this writing Venus is at 23 degrees and 48 minutes.of Gemini and my natal Ascendant is at 23 degrees and 17 minutes of Gemini. I've noticed something. Lately when I look in the mirror even without makeup and see the still visible under eye shadows left by yesterday's mascara I don't look half bad. Superficially speaking this is all the proof I need that astrology works. But it looks like my pretty days are on the wane due to Venus's minutes pushing forward.

Anyone who can read an ephemeris will be able to predict that the humidity and bad hair days will be here for me faster than you can say John Freida. Transiting Venus is quickly approaching that interminably long transit of Saturn in Virgo which is sure to dull my color treated locks reminding me yet again of my mane's imperfections....only to be followed by a kinky square to Uranus making me surrender my dream of perfect unbending and weather resistant hair.

If you want to know how your hair is looking take a look at your Venus transits, especially to the ascendant. Saturn in hard aspects to Venus can be pretty unforgiving when it comes to looking your best. If your hair tends toward the straight side be prepared to consider a perm and if your hair takes to curl it will be an unruly kind of curl like a cowlick that makes it's own rules. Uranus to Venus will make your hair extreme any which way. Expect pin straight hair or hair as limp as a dishrag or a head as frizzy as a 70's hippie at Woodstock. If the planet Jupiter is involved your hair will be growing like a weed and you'll be able to relate to Steve Carrel's hair scene in Evan Almighty. Here's to great hair days for everyone!

Have a great weekend!


Michelle-AstroFix said...

Venus in Gemini is passing through my 10th house. People have been telling me I look good although I don't feel like I do.


Believe it!