Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thanks for stopping by but my presence is required elsewhere. I'll be back tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Would you please stop doing this? It is ridiculous to put a post on a blog saying you're not going to put a post on your blog today. The way people know you didn't put a post on your blog today is by looking and seeing there was no new post on your blog today.If you don't post every day, people understand that because they can look at your blog and notice that you don't post every day. Are you getting it?

I read your site through an RSS reader. Every time you say you are not going to post on your blog today, it clutters up my reading with a notice you're not going to post today. Which is absolutely NOT important to me. An RSS reader automatically delivers your posts to me, whenever they occur. It's not like I am sitting here waiting for your post every day, or even miss it when it's absent. But I am getting annoyed with your "OUT OF OFFICE" notices, which I seem to be forced to read a LOT more often than I ever read anything else you write.

So stop it, wouldja?


So sorry to have inconvenienced you. Due to illness in family I sometimes am unable to post...friends have requested this little heads up. Perhaps you can suggest a better way